How to Pick Out a Great Asscher Cut Engagement Ring ?

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means indestructible. A pure diamond can be judged from its shape, color, clarity, cut, carat weight and certification. Types of engagement rings varies, but for unique shapes and cushion cuts..

Here we present you, "Asscher Cut Engagement Rings ". It was first developed by the Asscher Brothers in 1902. The Asscher Brothers had already created a name for themselves as fine diamond cutters, they were jewelers in Amsterdam. It was the Asscher Brothers who cut the famous Star of Africa, the one known found in the royal scepter, for the British Royal Family and developed a diamond with 72 facets cut into a square shape. Asscher Cut Engagement Rings fell from favor with the development of diamond cutting techniques and it was the first signature diamond cut patented in the world.

Since the Asscher Cut Engagement Rings were highlighted on Sex & the City other celebrities such as Vanessa Minnillo, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Beckinsale wearing these rings, however, they are growing in popularity and gradually becoming easier to locate.

Here's how to pick out a great asscher cut engagement ring:

Step 1. Buy from a reputable jeweler! I recommend buying online since prices are so much better on internet retailers. The best online jewelers to get engagement rings from are emmaparkerdiamonds.

Step 2. Cut: Go for the best cut grade you can. "Ideal" and "Signature Ideal" (on emmaparkerdiamonds) are definitely good, "Premium" and "Very Good" are also good cut grades to choose.

Step 3. Clarity: Clarity is a little more important with asscher cut diamonds than other fancy cuts, since inclusions are more visible in this cut. Try to stick with a clarity grade of at least VS1.

Step 4. Color: Color is also a little more important with the asscher cut, because you can see color more easily in this cut. Try to get at least a G or H color diamond.

Step 5. Carat: This one's totally up to you! Get the highest carat weight diamond you can find that falls within your budget and fits the other recommendations above.

Step 6. Stick to a length to width ratio close to 1(0.74 to 1.05 is a good range to stay in).

Step 7. Table %: Try to stay in the 60%-65% range.

Step 8. Depth %: Try to stay in the 60%-70% range.

With deeply angled corners and remarkable depth, Asscher cut rings make stunningly beautiful engagement ring alternatives to more traditional emerald or princess cut rings. From vintage rings to modern stones, an Asscher diamond makes a sophisticated statement about the bride's individuality and personality, and the timeless cut is sure to remain an elegant gem for many years.
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  1. Asscher is my favorite diamond cut and you have some really good suggestions here.