Asian Matchmaking moves to the Digital Age

Asian Matchmaking

It is clear there has been a shift away from the traditional form of arranged marriage, involving a matchmaker and formal introductions where the couple meet only after they have been chosen for each other.  But there is still a particular approach to marriage in Asian culture worldwide.  Marriage is important to young Asians: even in the UK they and their family usually hope they will be married or at least engaged by the age of 30, even though the rest of the population is marrying later and later – or not at all.  

While the new generation of Asians has adapted to the lifestyle of their country, they also maintain Asian cultures and traditions, as shown by the approach to their search for a life partner.  The majority will still want to settle with an Asian Marriage Partner if possible. 

Although few marriages in the Asian community are arranged in the traditional meaning of the word, the extended family remains involved in the search for a life partner – even if they have to resist the urge to take over as matchmaker!  The difference now is that young people are given the choice to find love, and meet and get to know each other before making formal family introductions. At this stage the family will consider the suitability of the match before any engagement or wedding is announced.   

We now have a second and third generation of Asians who have a balance of cultural understanding that covers both East and West with equal ease. Many communities, for example Telugu and Kerala, have migrated widely but would still prefer a spouse from a similar background.  They expect more freedom in their marriage choice, while still respecting the wishes of their elders and family traditions.

However, there is a growing contradiction to this tradition.  There are a growing number   unmarried after the age of 30, showing how the change in marriage trends has affected Asians. Most of these people are now in good positions and stable employment looking for partners, yet often it is difficult to meet a suitable partner. 

There a clear reasons for this: young Asians are more likely to go to university, graduate at 22, find a job and enjoy it.  Time passes quickly after the first few years of establishing a career and suddenly you are 30 and still single.  Clearly someone who is used to this independence is not about to ask the local Matchmaker to take over the search.  Instead they are taking the initiative to find a suitable match themselves, often using the power of the Internet.  

Through responsible online matrimonial agencies they find confidential and respectable introductions to like-minded prospective partners of an appropriate religious and ethnic background. Online dating and marriage agencies are no longer the last resort – many attractive and articulate couples meet this way, knowing that the fragmented offline social scene would not otherwise bring them together.  

The reputable online marriage and dating agencies offer full confidentiality with the opportunity to select or reject potential partners’ profiles and correspond by email to find out more about each other.  They can then choose whether to meet, and what form that meeting should take.  

An established agency (usually with a paid subscription) will normally ask clients to state their intentions - marriage or dating – so the young person can meet someone who is serious. This online matchmaker trend is fuelling a fundamental change in Asian marriage traditions.

Are You a Jealous Lover?

Jealous Lover
What do you do when that little, green eyed monster, as it's so often called, jealousy bites you? It can happen to the best of couples, no matter what stage your relationship is in. Sometimes, it feels like there is no defense against this ridge building phenomenon. Most people are not jealous by nature but jealousy is usually put into action by some event, situation or another person.

If you are insecure about your relationship and very dependent on your lover you are likely to be jealous. After jealousy creeps in we begin to spy on our lover, worrying about the situation and reviewing the evidence. Suspicion is a strong emotion here.

If we decide there is a threat to our love, we can have a very wide range of responses like clinging dependency, violent rage at the competitor or the partner, self-criticism, and depression with suicidal thoughts. But is there any way to conquer this feeling and overcome jealousy?

Here are some ways you can handle jealousy

1. Isolate the cause of jealousy. You may think that jealousy is caused by your partner looking sexy or by a certain person at work. But that isn't the real cause. That is just a symptom. Try to understand what the real cause is, so that you can then work on finding a solution.

2. Focus on eliminating one jealousy trigger. You also need to realise that jealousy can be overcome easily. So start out by focusing on an activity where you work through one of the main triggers for your jealousy and try to find the cause.

3. Build up your self-esteem. Most of the jealousy situations are caused by the jealous lovers feeling that they are not good enough for their partners. They feel inadequate and they feel that their partner would leave them for someone else, if given half a chance. So one key thing to work on is to build up your self-esteem.
Collecting Vintage Jewelry

Collecting Vintage Jewelry

If you want to buy or collect vintage costume jewelry, learn what to look for and where to look.  There is something for everyone who is interested in collecting vintage jewelry.  Great places to find vintage costume jewelry locally are estate sales, auctions and flea markets.  Vintage costume jewelry reflects the trends of the old days, and the designs are more influenced by the type of clothing worn and the material used at the time.  

Behind every piece of vintage jewelry, there is a story.  While antique costume jewelry dates as far back as the Victorian era (1832-1901), the literature claims that “antique” vintage costume jewelry can be considered any costume jewelry that was made around 1910.  Most literature we read tells us costume jewelry made around 1910 and the 1960s is now considered “vintage.  Each piece of vintage costume jewelry is an investment in its own right.

Costume jewelry collecting is a hobby. Some women like to wear it and/or display it.  I'm fascinated with the beauty, quality and inexpensiveness vintage costume jewelry can offer.  As my own collecting tastes continue to change, my knowledge of the history of vintage costume jewelry continues to increase. I hope to add many new pieces to my own collection.  We buy vintage costume jewelry for the same reasons now as when it was first made, it’s inexpensive and gorgeous.  Many collectors today consider their vintage and antique costume jewelry an investment, and statistics show that it is.

If you have a collection of vintage costume jewelry, know where your interest lies. You may only want to put it on display or your pleasure is to wear the piece, the choice is yours.  However, if you are only interested in collecting vintage costume jewelry for re-sale or as an investment, you’ll want to dig much deeper and do your homework before you start buying.  Whether you want to wear it, collect it, display it, re-sell it, an enormous vintage costume jewelry smorgasbord awaits you.

How to Pick Out a Great Asscher Cut Engagement Ring ?

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means indestructible. A pure diamond can be judged from its shape, color, clarity, cut, carat weight and certification. Types of engagement rings varies, but for unique shapes and cushion cuts..

Here we present you, "Asscher Cut Engagement Rings ". It was first developed by the Asscher Brothers in 1902. The Asscher Brothers had already created a name for themselves as fine diamond cutters, they were jewelers in Amsterdam. It was the Asscher Brothers who cut the famous Star of Africa, the one known found in the royal scepter, for the British Royal Family and developed a diamond with 72 facets cut into a square shape. Asscher Cut Engagement Rings fell from favor with the development of diamond cutting techniques and it was the first signature diamond cut patented in the world.

Since the Asscher Cut Engagement Rings were highlighted on Sex & the City other celebrities such as Vanessa Minnillo, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Beckinsale wearing these rings, however, they are growing in popularity and gradually becoming easier to locate.

Here's how to pick out a great asscher cut engagement ring:

Step 1. Buy from a reputable jeweler! I recommend buying online since prices are so much better on internet retailers. The best online jewelers to get engagement rings from are emmaparkerdiamonds.

Step 2. Cut: Go for the best cut grade you can. "Ideal" and "Signature Ideal" (on emmaparkerdiamonds) are definitely good, "Premium" and "Very Good" are also good cut grades to choose.

Step 3. Clarity: Clarity is a little more important with asscher cut diamonds than other fancy cuts, since inclusions are more visible in this cut. Try to stick with a clarity grade of at least VS1.

Step 4. Color: Color is also a little more important with the asscher cut, because you can see color more easily in this cut. Try to get at least a G or H color diamond.

Step 5. Carat: This one's totally up to you! Get the highest carat weight diamond you can find that falls within your budget and fits the other recommendations above.

Step 6. Stick to a length to width ratio close to 1(0.74 to 1.05 is a good range to stay in).

Step 7. Table %: Try to stay in the 60%-65% range.

Step 8. Depth %: Try to stay in the 60%-70% range.

With deeply angled corners and remarkable depth, Asscher cut rings make stunningly beautiful engagement ring alternatives to more traditional emerald or princess cut rings. From vintage rings to modern stones, an Asscher diamond makes a sophisticated statement about the bride's individuality and personality, and the timeless cut is sure to remain an elegant gem for many years.
Ready to start putting your asscher cut engagement ring together?