Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Thanks to today's technology, you can easily buy diamond bracelets and wristwatches online. Even those that are priced $50,000 to $200,000. Because of online jewelry auction sites such as eBay, this is possible.

Pros and Cons of Online Wholesale Jewelry Purchasing

If you think about it, this way of purchasing jewelry is actually a good bargain. You will get a nice deal on that opal ring or the pearl necklace you have been eyeing. There are tons of Web sites out there that specialize in jewelry, which make shopping very fast and easy for you. You don't have to worry about those pushy and rude salespeople. To add icing on the cake, you can buy wholesale through online shopping. The price is so affordable and you can have that jewelry in your fingertips.

But there's a catch. When you're buying your jewelry over the web, you can't touch nor see first-hand what you are purchasing. This is very important because a picture you see on the site isn't enough to determine the value of the jewelry. You have to see it right in front of you in order to see if there are cracks, chips or scratches.

When buying jewelry in person, you can do the checking by using loupes or a magnifying glass. Online shopping for jewelry may be easy and you can do it wholesale but the disadvantage is that you aren't really sure whether the item you're buying is scratch, crack and chip free.

That's just not the problem

Jewelry experts also claim that other problems include misrepresentation of quality. Some unethical jewelers say that the item is of better quality than they really are. The buyer must also concern themselves with slightly inflated weights (those small differences in weight that can slightly change the stones value) and fraudulent repairs and appraisals. The buyer must also check the documentation from the Gemological Institute of America or GIA reports before actually buying the jewelry.

To respond to this problem, eBay has come up with guidelines when it comes to selling jewelry online. However, consumers should still have common sense on how they can protect themselves from these fraudulent practices.

How do you buy jewelry online and at wholesale prices safely?

1. Customers must be informed of what exactly they are buying? There are various sites that don't provide the buyers the complete and accurate information they need when buying jewelry wholesale. Also, most jewelers aren't experts or gemologists (those who specialize or have been trained in identifying and rating the condition and quality of gemstones) so they may not be able to properly describe the stones.

2. The customer must try shopping at retail jewelers and visit gemologist organization sites in order to be well-informed about jewelry, stones and how to know the authentic from the fake purchases. It also helps to check out the FTC guidelines which can be found on this site:

3. When shopping on eBay, the customer must read the terms and conditions. He should also check the fine print. The sellers that are of power Seller status should still be criticized like the rest of the sellers.

4. Before bidding on an online item, the customer must find out as much as he or she can about the item that they are bidding for. Also, the Federal Trade Commission suggests that the procedures regarding complaints should be practiced; even when the transaction is done online.

Sure-fire way for the customer to avoid fraud

In order to avoid online fraud, the customer must see whether the seller is willing to take the necessary steps of appraisal before actually receiving the money as payment for the purchased jewelry. Therefore, the payment can be held in tow through a third party for a minimal fee which the jeweler is paid as long as these conditions are met.

It also helps to have a gemologist around, better yet a gemologist who is also an appraiser because they will be able to confirm the quality, condition and identity of the stones that are being bought, plus the true value.

Buying jewelry as a wholesale and online may sound pleasing but it takes as much work as buying it first-hand from a store. 
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