Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Thanks to today's technology, you can easily buy diamond bracelets and wristwatches online. Even those that are priced $50,000 to $200,000. Because of online jewelry auction sites such as eBay, this is possible.

Pros and Cons of Online Wholesale Jewelry Purchasing

If you think about it, this way of purchasing jewelry is actually a good bargain. You will get a nice deal on that opal ring or the pearl necklace you have been eyeing. There are tons of Web sites out there that specialize in jewelry, which make shopping very fast and easy for you. You don't have to worry about those pushy and rude salespeople. To add icing on the cake, you can buy wholesale through online shopping. The price is so affordable and you can have that jewelry in your fingertips.

But there's a catch. When you're buying your jewelry over the web, you can't touch nor see first-hand what you are purchasing. This is very important because a picture you see on the site isn't enough to determine the value of the jewelry. You have to see it right in front of you in order to see if there are cracks, chips or scratches.

When buying jewelry in person, you can do the checking by using loupes or a magnifying glass. Online shopping for jewelry may be easy and you can do it wholesale but the disadvantage is that you aren't really sure whether the item you're buying is scratch, crack and chip free.

That's just not the problem

Jewelry experts also claim that other problems include misrepresentation of quality. Some unethical jewelers say that the item is of better quality than they really are. The buyer must also concern themselves with slightly inflated weights (those small differences in weight that can slightly change the stones value) and fraudulent repairs and appraisals. The buyer must also check the documentation from the Gemological Institute of America or GIA reports before actually buying the jewelry.

To respond to this problem, eBay has come up with guidelines when it comes to selling jewelry online. However, consumers should still have common sense on how they can protect themselves from these fraudulent practices.

How do you buy jewelry online and at wholesale prices safely?

1. Customers must be informed of what exactly they are buying? There are various sites that don't provide the buyers the complete and accurate information they need when buying jewelry wholesale. Also, most jewelers aren't experts or gemologists (those who specialize or have been trained in identifying and rating the condition and quality of gemstones) so they may not be able to properly describe the stones.

2. The customer must try shopping at retail jewelers and visit gemologist organization sites in order to be well-informed about jewelry, stones and how to know the authentic from the fake purchases. It also helps to check out the FTC guidelines which can be found on this site:

3. When shopping on eBay, the customer must read the terms and conditions. He should also check the fine print. The sellers that are of power Seller status should still be criticized like the rest of the sellers.

4. Before bidding on an online item, the customer must find out as much as he or she can about the item that they are bidding for. Also, the Federal Trade Commission suggests that the procedures regarding complaints should be practiced; even when the transaction is done online.

Sure-fire way for the customer to avoid fraud

In order to avoid online fraud, the customer must see whether the seller is willing to take the necessary steps of appraisal before actually receiving the money as payment for the purchased jewelry. Therefore, the payment can be held in tow through a third party for a minimal fee which the jeweler is paid as long as these conditions are met.

It also helps to have a gemologist around, better yet a gemologist who is also an appraiser because they will be able to confirm the quality, condition and identity of the stones that are being bought, plus the true value.

Buying jewelry as a wholesale and online may sound pleasing but it takes as much work as buying it first-hand from a store. 
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Tips for Buying Artisan Jewelry

Artisan Jewelry

The value of jewelry is so much more than just the value of the gemstones and the gold, platinum or silver that make up the setting.  Often, it is the craftsmanship that makes the jewelry so much more than just a combination of stone and metal.  This is why artisan jewelry is one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry around.  If you're buying, here are some tips you can use:

Artisan jewelry is not always one-of-a-kind.
The best type of artisan jewelry is the handcrafted kind.  Although some of these may be produced using a single design, it is unlikely that they will be exactly the same.  In fact, artisan jewelry can be custom-made to fit a person's preferred design.

However, some companies prefer to mass produce their artisan jewelry, with some pieces becoming part of a limited edition.  This helps ensure that their quality is superior.  Limited edition jewelry is easier to inspect for defects.

Check artisan jewelry for quality and craftsmanship.
Every piece of jewelry is made up of several components.  The value and quality of any artisan jewelry is determined by how good these pieces are on their own and how well they are put together.  No material is truly perfect but you should go for artisan jewelry that has high quality materials.

Check the stones or beads used, along with the design and how good and stable the setting is.  Remember that the more flaws you find, the lower the quality of the jewelry. 

Buy it in person.
When buying artisan jewelry, it's always a good idea to see the pieces for yourself.  Magazines and computer monitors don't always bring out the true colors of the gems and metals.  Plus, you can also inspect the jewelry up close.

If you're buying online, make sure you check out the retailer's background first.  You should also confirm their return policy in case you're unsatisfied.

Check the designer or source of the artisan jewelry.
Artisan jewelry can be quite expensive, particularly if it is created by a known artist.  You might also want to watch out for artisan jewelry created by budding talents. 

Some areas and groups of people may also produce their own artisan jewelry.  Certain groups of American Indians create unique and stunningly beautiful artisan jewelry.  The Navajos, for example, are known artisans of jewelry made with turquoise.  The Saraguros of Ecuador also make intricate beaded jewelry, with designs that are characteristic to the region. 

Don't limit your choices to what is currently available.  Keep your options open for other pieces.  If you're buying artisan jewelry, it should be the kind that will reflect your personality and taste.

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Especially for Men - Titanium and Tungsten Jewelry

Titanium and Tungsten Jewelry

Jewelry has always been associated with beauty, making women the natural focal point for designs. However, jewelers have discovered that titanium and tungsten metals are especially suited for creating jewelry for men, it exemplifies their essence of strength and power. This quality is underscored by their use in industrial, military equipment and aerospace applications. The metals strength is accented by its ability to be polished to a high luster that never fades or scratches, a quality that platinum cannot match.

Perhaps it is the fact that titanium and tungsten metals has been used to reach the stars that lends itself to the sense of adventure which underlies the designs in the mens' jewelry. Both titanium and tungsten speak to the future, titanium is the metal of choice in so many of the products that we use today, that its use in mens' jewelry was eagerly anticipated and its arrival warmly welcomed in the marketplace. 

One feature that make titanium and tungsten jewelry such a popular choice for men is the freedom it allows them to express their personality. Because of its incredible durability and light weight, men do not have to be concerned about damage that accompanies jewelry made from other metals. And men do not have to sacrifice their sense of fashion style - titanium and tungsten jewelry are crafted into a wide range of designs; from lean classic metal bands to settings with diamonds, sapphires or other gemstones.

Jewelers turned their attention to the mens' market as they began to demand equal time. Now the mens' titanium and tungsten jewelry market is exploding, supported by celebrity exposure and fashion trends that accentuate jewelry as a prominent way to express their individual style and prowess. Add to these facts the increasing demand for diamonds and the affordability of titanium of tungsten make an unbeatable combination. In the past year, sales to men accounted for a 20 percent increase in jewelry profits, prompting an increasing number of fine jewelry manufacturers to introduce or expand their mens' lines to include titanium and tungsten jewelry. 

Titanium and tungsten jewelry has also made its presence known in styles that include a mans significant other. There are incredibly beautiful designs for engagement and wedding rings tailored to enhance the beauty of the love that it represents. Men who choose a titanium diamond engagement ring for their bride, can take pride in their decision - it demonstrates their fashion sense and their financial savvy. 

Men who prefer body jewelry will find that titanium is an excellent choice for several reasons. Titanium is an elemental, the most bio-compatible of all metals, and has a total resistance to attack by body fluids. Titanium is also corrosion-resistant and the alloy of titanium that is used for body jewelry is usually the 136 grade, which is titanium combined with 60 parts of aluminum and 40 parts of vanadium. Whatever your style, titanium and tungsten is a great choice for your jewelry.

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Essential Watches – A Guide To Buying Fine Timepieces

Essentisial Watches

Sure, a watch tells the time but it also speaks volumes about your personality. Show up for a job interview wearing a stainless steel Rolex Datejust - and you’ll see some raised eyebrows. While just having a watch in the first place is a feat for some, for watch aficionados, a good timepiece is a work of art, an heirloom piece. For guys with an eye for quality metal, their collection is second only to what’s stored in their garage. The ladies? An elegant watch is part of her jewelry collection.

Sound too extravagant for your budget? Essential Watches dosen’t think cost should keep you from owning at least one high-end timepiece. Specializing in discounting only the top Swiss and German fine watches from world-class manufacturers like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Lange and Sohne, Panerai, Chopard, Frank Muller and Audemars Piguet. Even if you can’t find the exact watch you want on their website (although highly unlikely), just let them know what you are looking for and they’ll get if for you.

Granted, there are a lot of watch peddlers out there but how many of them can you trust? Look for a solid reputation – just check their positive transactions posted on eBay (yes, you really can get everything on eBay). Buying a watch is an investment, so you don’t want to rely on a grainy stock photo. Instead, look for detailed photographs of every watch line so that you know exactly what you’re getting when that little box arrives in the mail. 

So how does a watch dealer get their authentic top-of-the-line watches at below market prices? According to Essential Watches, it’s all about their relationships with the “major” players and whom they know. This is the stuff that allows a simple eBay store to grow into one of the leading watch sellers on the Internet.

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Enhance your Fashion with Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry

When it comes to fashion don’t play safe, have some fun with your style and enjoy your look.  Make your fashion statement! And the world will notice!  Estate jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe so don’t forget to compliment your look with jewelry!

Even the most conservative dresser can find a beautiful piece of estate jewelry that says loads about them.  Show your personality with your jewelry.  From the serious corporate executive to the sexy flirt there is an estate jewelry necklace or earrings for you!

Estate jewelry stays in style year after year.  It stands you out from the rest of the crowd.  While others are busy buying the same modern necklace, earrings, or brooch, you’ll be showing off your unique style and tastes.  You’re not likely to find someone wearing exactly the same piece as you.

You can turn estate jewelry from sophisticated, to fun, to trendy.  Dress it up or down.  Mix and match color, style, shape, and size.  And you simply cannot beat the quality of estate costume jewelry from the past.  

Estate jewelry can be used to show your individual personality.  Think of it as fashion art and personal expression.  We tend to think of our fashion statement as our hair style, the clothes we wear, the shoes and hand bag we carry.  But your jewelry is an important part of that fashion statement.

Every now and then you change the style or the color of your hair.  Each season you add and remove pieces from your wardrobe.  But your estate jewelry will take you from season to season, year after year.  All you need to do is mix and match it to give it a whole new look.

All types of estate jewelry are very flexible.  They can be worn to the office, to that important executive meeting, for a night on the town, to the beach, or for that intimate evening.  Bring out your softer feminine side, the sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication and elegance.  Wear it with your most formal evening gown, your casual sportswear, your office wardrobe, or your favorite pair of jeans.  Wear it in the summer, winter, fall, and spring.  

Estate jewelry is available with a variety of base metals.  Silver, gold, copper, and brass are all popular.  There are shiny pieces, matte piece, there are glittering rhinestones, subtle gemstones.  Large pieces, dainty pieces.  There costume jewelry of the earlier eras was often based on design ideas of fine jewelry and it had an artistic flare that has never been surpassed in the jewelry industry.  Truly a time period where jewelry stood out above the rest.  And it still does!

Estate jewelry has been popular for many years but just recently it has seen an incredible surge in popularity.  Women are tired of looking like everyone else.  They want to show off their unique personality and their very own fashion statement.  Since this can be difficult to do with clothing that is mass produced and jewelry that is mass produced they have turned to estate jewelry for that gorgeous unique finished touch.  They know that they will have the finishing touches that no other woman has.  When they walk into the room they know that they will be unique and beautiful and make their fashion statement!  No one will forget!

Engagement Rings Buying Guide

Engagement Rings

When it is time to make that all-important step of proposing to that special woman in your life, you will need to invest in an engagement ring. Before you begin shopping for that perfect ring, you should know exactly what to expect, what to look for, and the various types of rings that are available. The first part of any engagement ring is the band; there are many different kinds of bands of different sizes, colors, and metals. The gems are just as ranged as the bands, they come in a variety of sizes, weights, cuts, and colors.

The first thought that comes to mind in an engagement ring, is a diamond. Of course, this is the traditional engagement ring; however, it could be any gem the couple chooses, it is all the matter of preference.

Selecting a Band

When selecting a band there are a few different types of metals you have to choose from, these include:

• Gold
• Silver
• Platinum

Each person has their own preference, some people prefer the traditional gold ring, others prefer the shine that silver or platinum can provide. Gold is perhaps the most popular of all metals when it comes to engagement rings. The gold within a ring is measured in karats. The most popular karat weight of gold is 14 Karats, though you can find gold rings that are 18 Karats and 24 Karats as well. Gold also comes in two colors, yellow or white gold. The drawbacks of gold are that it can bend very easily when worn and tends to lose its shine after a period of time.

Silver or platinum are extremely hard and does not bend as easily. Neither of these are as popular as gold is and typically costs more than gold as well. Platinum is popular because it generally never loses any of its shine nor does it tarnish in any way and is perfect for those that are allergic or sensitive to other metals.

Selecting the Perfect Ring

Here are a few tips you should consider when you are ready to purchase a ring for that special loved one.

1. If you have already proposed and are ready to purchase the ring, take your loved one with you when selecting a ring. This will allow her to have a choice in the matter and this way you will always have the perfect size and fit.

2. If you are purchasing a ring prior to the proposal, consider retrieving (also known as sneaking) one of the rings she already owns and taking it with you. This will help in making sure the ring will fit on that big day.

3. Furthermore, for surprise rings make sure that you take notice of everything about the love of your life. Take note of the type of rings she wears, small stones, large stones, or none at all. This will help your jeweler make suggestions on the ring you should consider.

Overall, it can seem like a daunting task in picking out that perfect engagement ring. Have fun with it and know that the end results could very well be spending the rest of your life with the one you love.

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Finding Antique Engagement Rings

Antique Engagement Rings

Old antique engagement rings are those classic style rings that bring back the charm and history of an era gone by. Many couples enjoy the nostalgic feel of something their grandparents may have worn. Others simply like the idea of old-fashioned quality workmanship and styling. Whatever your reason for choosing vintage diamond engagement rings, finding the best rings at the best price is a concern.

Finding Antique Style Engagement Rings

Online auctions and the Internet in general have brought the world home. You can shop the tiniest Italian countryside village or Antwerp’s mega diamond dealers – all from your home computer. 
If you like to shop closer to home where you can touch and feel the rings and try them on for size and style, then there are other great sources for vintage engagement rings. Flea markets or estate sales are two of the top sources for authentic vintage jewellery including diamond or sapphire jewelry in gold or silver.

Authenticating a Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding a vintage engagement ring is one thing, but making sure it is truly and antique is another. A reputable jewellery appraiser can help. There are telltale signs and markings on jewellery that will tell the trained appraiser when and where and by whom a specific piece of old jewellery was made. Each silversmith or artisan has a symbol that they will engrave in their work to mark it as one of their own. Counterfeiters will try to replicate the marks, but other design features will let the appraiser know if this is the case in a particular antique. The appraiser can then give you a guarantee or certificate of authenticity to go with your vintage diamond engagement ring.

The setting and the diamonds will need to be examined separately. You may find a vintage setting with newer diamonds. This won’t necessarily impact the value to you, but it would perhaps indicate that there were either several owners or that the person selling the rings as an antique may have changed stones. The number one consideration in choosing antique jewellery is to make sure you really love it. There are usually no exchanges for vintage diamond engagement rings.

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Estate Jewelry is Ready For Teen Fashions

Estate Jewelry

If you’ve ever gone shopping with a teenage girl you know that teenagers can be a very picky bunch!  Their physical and mental growth has them experimenting with all kinds of fashion items to improve their image and their look.  Teenage girls have a fashion statement to make too!  And estate jewelry is ready for teen fashions!

A teen’s fashion statement which includes both clothing and jewelry plays a role in their identity, how they fit, how they feel, how they blend.  It has a big role on their self esteem during those developmental years.  And moms and dads they don’t want your input!  This is a time of discovery and you can be guaranteed if you like it they’ll toss the idea out the door in ten seconds or less.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t subtly steer them.  Estate jewelry and fashion jewelry are affordable choices that can work well for teens.  So just gently lead them in the right direction and let them make their own discoveries.

Teen girls are busy picking up clues and tips from their favorite celebrities.  The celebrities that teenagers watch in their favorite music videos, movies or television show greatly influence what a teen girl will see as fashion and trendy jewelry.  And these days more and more of the celebrities are choosing estate jewelry because it is unique and does make a statement of individuality.  So don’t be surprised if you teen finds estate jewelry attractive.

These days we hear allot about hip hop jewelry trends and we see plenty of bling bling replicas on the market.  Manufacturers have replaced the real diamonds and gems worn by the celebrities with cheaper stones and metals so that teen girls can have jewelry that looks much like their favorite stars but at a much more affordable price.

Pierced and non pierced body jewelry has also grown in popularity. Teen girls are using it to make their fashion statement.  The good news is that there’s a great selection available at an affordable price so mom and dad won’t go broke.

Friendship bracelets hit the streets about 10 years ago and they continue to grow in popularity being one of the hottest jewelry fads for teens.  Friends exchange these friendship bracelets and wear them all the time.  There style can be of the most basic twist or more elaborate with beads and sparkling faux gems.
Beaded jewelry is also very popular.  Teens love the big and bold look of large beads and love to mix them up adding color and flare to their wardrobe.  Estate jewelry is perfect for picking up a terrific mix of beaded jewelry for a very low price.  And the girls love it because it is different and unique unlike the modern stuff found on the shelves.  And because their favorite Celebs are choosing it, it becomes an option for them as well.

Another teen fad between friends is a necklace that’s similar worn by all members of the group.  This identifies them as their own little clique.  Their necklaces may have pendants or rings attached or just be plain.

Fashion rings are also very big with teens.  Good news is you can buy estate jewelry rings and fashion rings for as little as $5.00.  Your teenager will love them, wear them, break them, and forget about them and you’ll know they got their moneys worth.

The teen years are a time of growth and becoming independent so let your teen girls wings open and let her experiment with her fashion style.  Remember you did it too many years ago.  And remember to let your teenager know there are many options when it comes to jewelry.  Estate jewelry is one of the most sought after jewelry by celebrities and if your teen is like most teens what the stars wear they want to wear.

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Florenza - Vintage Jewelry Designer

Vintage Jewelry

The Dan Kasoff Company first began to produce jewelry in the 1930's; however, the name Florenza was first used in 1948. The company ceased operation in 1981.

Florenza jewelry has a style and design all his own, easily identifiable. Antique looking settings give the jewelry a Victorian look.  Florenza always used the highest quality materials and rhinestones.

He also used the large beautiful stones as the center  piece in his designs and rhinestones an inch or larger were also common.  More so than just a designer of vintage jewelry, Florenza made picture frames and trinket boxes to jeweled pillboxes and pincushions.

The Florenza mark on back of his jewelry pieces is in script with the copyright symbol or it can be found in print style, with the copyright symbol.  His signature look has interesting stones and expert metal work.  Antique-looking gold tone, silver tone, or metal.  Most pieces are unusual, with creative use of color.

Florenza Made beautiful jeweled dresser accessories.  These are also fun to find, and often re-sell well. The Florenza prices on the collectible market today is rising.

For a beginner collector of vintage jewelry, I feel that Florenza is a terrific designer to look for, at least one or two pieces.  Prices are only going to climb higher and is a good investment.  The best thing to do is buy sets, pieces that move or tremble, and interesting figural pieces. Look for the wide bracelets, these are sought out by many collectors.

The Dan Kasoff Company (Florenza) created a large variety of interesting, well-made pieces that have remained beautiful through the years. A beginning collector can easily find appealing Florenza designs that are also in excellent condition.  Future collectors, find a piece or two that you like, that is important. You have to enjoy the piece that you purchase.

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Engagement Watches: Unique or Common?

Engagement Watches

June is considered as a perfect month to get married. When you say engagement, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind to give out your love one? Is it a ring, a necklace, bracelet, or an anklet? Have you thought of giving out a watch as your engagement gift? Does it sound weird? 

This would probably be the most uncommon engagement gift in the whole world. People don’t give out a watch when they propose to their girlfriends or boyfriends. They give out the common jewelries. But what I encourage you to do is give something that will symbolize your love for each other and at the same time will be helpful for the both of you. Watches are really useful because it keeps you track of the time. But it can also be a symbol of your love. Don’t limit a watch as a necessity or jewelry. It can be both at the same time.

Engagement watches: is it considered unique? For a start, I haven’t encountered someone who gave a watch to his girlfriend as an engagement gift. But being unique is not bad! Sometimes, you will realize that being totally different from others is cool. Soon enough you realize that everyone imitates you. 

You are different because you don’t think the same with other people with regards of giving out a watch as an engagement present. A watch is not an uncommon possession, and watches are very useful.

Some people might think that as long as they’re giving out a jewelry as an engagement gift, then that’s fine. But for some women, the type of jewelry you’ll give them still matters. Giving them out an engagement watch will not only be special but also useful. They will be wearing it for all times and they will be proud of it because you’re the one who gave that to her, not just a gift, but as an engagement gift. Isn’t that priceless?

If you’re worried about the cost of the watch, then let me tell you that watches are cheaper than the engagement rings you’re giving. You can also engrave your names on it or buy a custom made.

They say that June is the perfect time to get married. You get to have beautiful weather, nice places, and astonishing views. If you really want everything to be memorable, then start off with your engagement. Make it special and everything will be meaningful.
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Finding Great Affordable Engagement Rings

Affordable Engagement Rings

If you want to find affordable engagement rings that don’t look like you compromised on quality they can be found in a variety of places. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. You can put together an engagement ring that will dazzle her and appraise for much more than you paid for it.

Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring 

There are many ways to save money on an engagement ring and yet still have it be every bit as special – maybe even more so. One of the simplest and most affordable ways is to pass along a family heirloom. 

An engagement ring that once belonged to your great grandmother for instance will help to carry on the tradition of long and happy marriages. If your great grandmother’s ring is too small, you can have it resized to fit the new bride.

Taking a family heirloom and making it your own is also a way to create affordable engagement rings with your own unique touches. The diamond may have been small if it was pre-war era, so you can replace it with a larger carat ring. Antique jewelry is often a custom in both Jewish and Christian traditions. To use a vintage style ring today is more than modern; it is a real trend setter.

Another way to save money on an engagement ring and still have the high quality ring is to choose silver over gold for the setting. Ounce for ounce, sterling silver is much less expensive than gold. Many women also prefer silver jewelry to gold, so choosing ring of silver will match her other jewelry. 

One more thing you can do to save money on an engagement ring is to buy the gemstone and setting separately. Often in travelling people will find inexpensive gemstones, even diamonds that are very high quality. Buying the stone, even before you have met the person you intend to give it to is thinking ahead. Then, to make the ring truly intended for your intended, pick the setting out together or surprise her with something you know she will like. 

Showing Off Your Affordable Engagement Ring

Who says an engagement ring has to have diamonds in it? There are many other beautiful precious gem stones that can represent your commitment. In fact many celebrity couples don’t choose a traditional white diamond. Think of Princess Diana with her sapphire and it will get you thinking out of the box.

Sometime a large single diamond is much more expensive than smaller ones. You can compromise on size to get higher quality for the same money and vice versa. Also, the three stone diamond engagement ring has become very popular and can be a much more affordable engagement ring. Even alternating diamonds with other stones can cut costs, but not beauty.

Having found the perfect ring, it is time for a celebration! You can have an engagement party for all of your friends to celebrate having given the ring and set the date for the wedding. Make it a night full of music and song and it will be a wedding party to remember.

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Finding Antique Engagement Rings And Gifts

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement presents are romantics gifts given to the couple at any time throughout their engagement. It celebrates the next significant and important step in their relationship. Antique engagement rings also help the couple out tremendously with useful items for their new shared home or to help them on their way to a fun and memorable honeymoon and life together.

One sure way to make a lasting impression is to give a customized engagement present that is designed solely for the special couple. There are several creative ideas that will be cherished forever. For example, you can have a painting made of their engagement portrait. You can create a shadow box of the flowers from all the bouquets he has given her while they were dating. Jewelers can design a special piece of jewelry for the husband to be to give his fiancé to commemorate the official announcement to family and friends. She can then wear this on her wedding day.

Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are the perfect opportunity to give engagement gifts and let family and friends join in the celebration. Gifts given at engagement parties can include linens for their new home, useful small appliances, luggage or towels for a beach honeymoon destination.

Many couples will register at specific stores to make gift giving easier on friends and family and help them get the presents they really want and need. A gift registry will give a full list of everything the couple indicated they would like. There are presents in every price range, so the gift giver can select something appropriate within their budget.

Once someone has purchased an item from the gift registry, it is no longer on the list. This helps avoid duplicate gifts.

More and more couples are having longer engagements. Some are several years long, while others still prefer to tie the knot as soon as possible after getting engaged. It doesn’t matter how soon after the engagement the couple plans to marry, it is still appropriate to give both engagement and wedding presents. The longer the engagement however, the longer the time frame for giving engagement presents.

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Engagement Rings from here to Eternity

Eternity Engagement Rings

The oldest recorded exchange of  engagement rings dates back nearly 5000 years ago to ancient Egypt when a never ending band was linked with eternal love. Later for the Romans, a young ladies acceptance of a ring was a legal agreement and meant that the girl was no longer available. These ancient engagement and wedding rings were not gold engagement rings but were often made from simple and crude bands of iron.

Even in these modern times, the gold engagement ring is still regarded as a potent symbol of unity and marriage, which sends out a message about a persons marital status. Traditions have changed over the centuries and not only have the materials which the rings are made out of changed, but men too are now choosing to wear a ring as a symbol of lasting love, fidelity and commitment.

These early tokens which indicated the sealing of a marriage contract, were certainly very different from what we now accept today as an engagement ring and probably wouldn’t have turned too many heads or invoked the green eyed monster because of their beauty and brilliance. In early Roman times rings were simple hoops made out of iron and it wasn’t until much later times that this metal was replaced with precious metals such as gold and silver which do not rust and are more attractive. 

Although diamonds were discovered in India at the beginning of the ninth century, it wasn’t until 1500 onwards that brides to be would be wearing something a little bit more special and even then, diamonds would be very much for the wealthy and for royalty.

Since their discovery, diamonds have always been prized for their beauty and brilliance as well as their extreme hardness and the word diamond originated from the Greek word adamas, which means unconquerable. Some even believed diamonds to possess magical powers and along with their other properties, this has made diamonds perfect as a representation of the marriage bond.   

When further sources of diamonds were discovered in the nineteenth century, it increased the availability and they became more fashionable, particularly set in engagement rings.

Styles of engagement rings have varied greatly over the years but still some designs have remained popular throughout. The single diamond solitaire is a strong favourite and nobody can resist that big sparkler. The three stone styles have also remained popular and many still believe that this signifies ‘I Love You’.  

Although some ladies have chosen other precious gemstones for their engagement rings such as rubies, emeralds, opals and many more, the diamond still is the favourite and as the song says ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’.   

Platinum has also become a popular although a very expensive alternative to gold and silver. Recently there has been a surge in interest in engagement rings made from titanium and zirconium because not only are these metals attractive, lightweight and very hard wearing but they are also hypoallergenic. These metals lend themselves well to more modern styles and the metals can be heat treated to produce wonderful colour effects which make many rings totally unique pieces as no two will ever look the same. 

Because of their hardness, Titanium and Zirconium are also used to produce stunning tension set diamond engagement rings, an effect which would be much more difficult to achieve with precious metals which are much softer and more prone to wear over the years increasing the likelihood of the precious stone working loose from the .

Most people wear their engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand although there are a few European countries where the engagement ring is worn on the right hand. The reason for wearing on the third finger of the left hand is thought to date back to ancient Rome and Egypt when it was believed that a vein that ran through that finger ran straight to the heart. Many women also wear their gold wedding ring with a diamond engagement ring and an eternity ring.

10 Golden Rules For Successful Online Dating

Successful Online Dating

As everyone knows, the favourite method of mating and dating for singletons the world over is to join an online dating site. But what most people don't realise is that only around 10% of dating site members actually meet a long-term partner on their chosen site and a whopping 70% don't even receive one message from another member. If you follow the 10 simple steps outlined below, you too can join the 10% who find love and romance on line.

1. Choose the right site. The boom in online dating has provided a plethora of choice for consumers but you should take a few moments to decide on the type of partner you're looking for, not to mention the town or city where you would prefer him/her to be located. There are niche sites which cater to all sectors (single parents, bikers, gay people etc) and general sites which welcome all comers just as there are city or country specific sites and sites with a global perspective. Choosing the right site for you is probably the most important decision you'll make when looking for a partner on line.

2. Choose a great username. First impressions always last and the on line identity which you give yourself is the first thing that other members will see before they check-out your profile. 'Funny' works, 'cryptic' works and you wont go far wrong even if you decide to use your own christian name; but if you go down the smutty or sexually suggestive route (which a lot of guys seem to do), you'll find that other members will give you a wide berth.

3. Upload a photo. This is crucial as a significant percentage of people only search for members who have bothered to include a pic; you want to see what other members look like so it stands to reason that other people will feel the same way about you. If the only photo you have isn't particularly flattering, you can always mention that in your profile - it's still better than no photo at all.

4. Complete your profile. There's nothing more off-putting than a profile which screams "I can't be bothered to do this properly". If you don't have time to complete all the categories when you are signing-up, then make the time to do so at the earliest opportunity.

5. Be upbeat and positive. If you're feeling a little down or lacking in confidence, now isn't the time to say so when you're writing a description of yourself. If you come across as confident, happy and full of fun, you'll get much more attention than if you come across as mono-syllabic or down in the dumps. And remember, humour is a real ice-breaker and a great aphrodisiac.

6. Widen your search criteria. If you generally go for people who have blonde hair, blue eyes and are between 5'4" and 5'6" and you narrow your search down to just these specifics, then you may be missing out on a great many other members who you'll also find just as attractive. To start with, just search by gender, age and location and that way you'll be giving yourself the widest possible choice.

7. Don't automatically dismiss people. If you receive a message from someone who's profile you like but who hasn't bothered to include a photo, you should still write back and ask them to send a pic to your regular email address. You'll find that many people are more willing to do this than post a pic for all and sundry to look at.

8. Use all the features on offer. Many sites provide a great deal more than just an internal emailing system. Some sites might include voice messaging whilst others enable members to chat and flirt in 'real time' with other members and the more you take advantage of everything that's available to you, the more chance you have of making contact with someone special.

9. Be proactive. Once you've registered and completed your profile, don't wait for others to make contact with you. When you spot someone who you think might be a good fit with yourself, write to them and introduce yourself. And don't just say 'Hi, I like your profile', tell them why you've written to them and point out the things that you believe you have in common. A long opening message will create a much better impression than a short, perfunctory one.

10. Check back with the site. Most popular dating sites have new people joining all the time so remember to log-in at least once every day to view the most recent members and you can then contact anyone you like the look of before others get the chance to do so. Also, you should remember that on most sites, the members who log-in the most appear higher up the search listings than those who don't so your profile will be easier to spot by people with whom you might be compatible.

So there you have it - successful online dating is not rocket science; it just takes a bit of thought and a bit of effort and if you adhere to the 10 rules that I have outlined above, then your personal life will soon receive the kick-start it deserves.