The bulk important reality in the 4 C's

Ideal Cut Diamond Comparation

The bulk important reality in the 4 C's, is the parents of Brilliance and Fire.
Cut medium The percentage and endings of a polished diamond. Cut affects both the pressure output from rough and the optical productivity of the polished stone; the more successful the cutter is in evenness these considerations, the more valuable the stone testaments be.A Diamond with a percentage of good cut allowed the brightening to go through the table reaches the aspect and reflect so well back evenly in the disguise up position, with no darkness areas, all the aspect are exactly where they should be and polished until they gleam. Ideal cut is all approx owning the prerogative proportions, precise symmetry, and a penalty polish.
Shallow Cut Diamond leaks the enlightenment out of the bottom. Brilliance is missing and the rhombus appears glassy. A very shallow cut stone evidence seem darkness as the enlightenment exits the back of the stone, the angles not reflecting the illumination back up through the vertex of the stone to your eye.
The Light in Deep Cut Diamond escapes from the beds causing the infield to appear dull and lifeless. Looking Through a Deep Stone you'll poster a black idea in the midpoint of the table.
The thickness of the infield as measured through the girdle.
Table Size 
This is the large, flat summit appearance of a diamond. The largest direction which sits on summit of a diamond. This is where mass of the decoration enters and exits a diamond.
Crown Height 
The constituent of the rhombus that is above the girdle. The wreaths level expressed as a part of the standards girdle diameter.
The narrow rim & the outer border of a infield which forms a visitor around the stone that separates the ring from the pavilion. The girdle tins be faceted, polished or unpolished
The lower allocation of the diamond, below the girdle. The level of the pavilion greatly contributes to the diamond's overall brilliance.
The smallest outlook at the beds of the infield on the pointed beds of the pavilion, which is the allotment of a cut gem below the girdle.
The road between the table and the culet as measured in millimeters. The deepness of the rhombus divided by the norm width. The total deepness part is a very important ingredient of a diamond's balance and it is greatly responsible for the sum of fire that a infield evidence display..

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